Hil’s Birthday Bash!

The Slade Rooms Wolverhampton 18th July 2015.

It’s that time again folks, and ain’t we glad it is – cause Hil’s always knows how to put on a great Birthday Bash!

And claiming tonight’s opening spot were Evil Empire comprising of Dave Gwinnutt (Vocals), Dan Morgan (Guitar), Keiron MacGough (Bass) and Matt Evans (Drums). Considering these guys have only been around for about twelve months, they’ve already got a strong set of songs that are heavy to the ear but melodic to the touch and all with a great pulse of solid metal guitar riffs. If you’ve not yet checked out Evil Empire, make sure you do as clearly these guys are on the up!

Evil Empire

Next band on stage were Silence The Weak and time for a spot of relentless and down right formidable metalcore. This band really are a force to admire and lack no shortage of energy when it comes to capturing the stage and tonight’s performance saw them do exactly just that.

Silence The Weak

The midway point of the evening was marked with distinction by another band who are relative newcomers to the West Midlands Metal scene, and that band being Conjurer. This band have a stage presence that is as intense as their music and that certainly makes for one hell of an experience! Yet again, Conjurer are a band you need to check out if you’ve not yet seen them live before – you won’t be disappointed!


I really can’t imagine Hils holding a Birthday Bash that didn’t include Destroyed Beyond Belief, cause let’s face it folks, these guys are more than a wee bit good and top guys with it aswell! Albeit they were intent on delivering some serious metal tunes tonight, the occasion could not pass without a song or two that nestled within madcap mayhem and misdemeanor and lets just say that tonight saw these guys stand as Gods amongst us mortals in their delivery of the greatest of Birthday tunes. Tonight‘s cover ‘of ‘Danger Zone’ was outstanding and never will I ever be able to watch ‘Top Gun’ again with a straight face!

Destroyed Beyond Belief

Our headliners for tonight were Gehtika and with a new album that is just about ready to be launched, it is certainly an exciting time indeed to catch these guys live. Gehtika are in a league of their own when it comes to creating a theatrical atmosphere and amidst the haze of pink and red lights, they created quite an impression. The band will be launching their new album ‘A Monster In Mourning’ on 29th August at the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham so that is undeniably a don’t miss date to add to your diary.


And there endeth ‘Hils Birthday Bash’ for another year and a spiffing night indeed!

Review and Photography by Sue Wardle.