Massive Wagons

New album and UK tour announcement.

Two years of relentless playing and Massive Wagons have earned their reputation among the top flight live bands in the UK.

Two years of putting on a show that true hard working fans deserve, taking roofs off and making friends everywhere they go.Two years and it’s finally here.

Massive Wagons - Fight The System


The bands live energy impact and sexy swagger has been captured, bottled and condensed into one phenomenal album. It’s the sound of the writing partnership of Adam Thistlethwaite and Barry Mills hitting its stride with a band on fire. And on 14th July, 2014 the album will be available to blast away your blues anytime you want.

Recorded at Axis Studio, produced by the exceptional talent of Matt Elliss (Black Spiders/Absolva) the songs were designed to scream from your speakers and reaffirm your belief that rock n’ roll will survive. This album is hard rock to its core, balls out rock n’ roll blended with bluesy overtones. Each track has this in common however – big riffs and huge choruses.

Massive Wagons

Guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite offers the band perspective… “We set out to capture our live performance. The tracks have been road tested and we know what we do best – there is no filler here… We’re very proud to have written an album where each song has its own character, whilst remaining collectively coherent and the live energy is there, in your face. Definitely nailed this one, and we still have loads more in the tank – we’re just getting started”

‘Red Dress’ – The first track single is now available for digital download on, accompanied by the HD video.

The single download includes an exclusive track Blood Rain, and previously unavailable acoustic version of Hurricane Suzy. Jonni Davis CEO of Off Yer Rocka added… “We love bands that come RAW from the streets and play from their hearts with pure balls… Massive Wagons qualify hand over fist on all fronts and we are really looking forward to working together and taking their sound worldwide”

“Fight The System” Is released through Off Yer Rocka, digitally released on the 14th July and physically through all major retail stores 4th August.–To pre-order the album at a cheaper rate ,you can buy from Itunes from 1st July and you will get a taster track ‘Rising Tides’.

The Taskers

The Taskers

Hogs from Hell – as featured on the new album Rat Residence.

In early 2012 Jack Tasker was offered a support slot for a local band, he accepted, but asked his sister, SBT, to back him up on him on drums, having grown tired of playing his folky tunes. SBT accepted, on the basis of making riches beyond her wildest dreams and with the strict condition that they write new songs and don’t play any of Jack’s ‘fruity acoustic ones.’ The gig went well, Sophie made very few riches off it, but they continued to play as a band anyway.

After incredible lengths of creative brainstorming they settled on, The Taskers, as a band name. They recorded their first album ‘Not to be played or tested’ in the summer of 2012 and worked with local film makers to create a short Wes Anderson inspired film based around the lead track from the album, ‘Catherine.’

Throughout the summer they played gigs across the country, culminating in a fantastic home turf gig at the Sugarmill in Stoke.

Through the autumn of 2013 they recorded two albums, the fully acoustic ‘Jamhead’ and the girthy rock ‘Snuggles?’

During this period they continued to work with the film makers behind the Catherine video to create a short documentary about being a family in a band, their musical inspirations and their obsession with dinosaurs. The resulting film Taskersaurus was released in 2013 along with their fourth album, ‘No Shit, Just Shoes.’

Since then they have gigged extensively, from dance hall balconies in Nottingham, to dingy basements in Birmingham, to twee timber pubs in York.

Their fifth album Rat Residence was released in February 2014 and is a darker album which mixes both the acoustic and rock sides of the band.

SBT has yet to make any riches from the band.


The Flapper Birmingham 17th May 2014.

Good things are always worth waiting for and with ‘Gypaetus Barbatus’ having finally arrived after being eighteen months in loving creation, the wait has certainly been worth it.

Stubblemelt’s planned album launch has pretty much been a weekend long event, with The Flapper in Birmingham being host for both of the two consecutive nights. Tonight’s event see’s Stubblemelt’s support coming in the guise of Chris Thompson, Brothers Of Caedmon and The Two ‘n’ Eights, so a lot to look forward to for sure!

With a perfectly sunny Saturday having already created the mood to relax, kick back and enjoy some good music, acoustic act Chris Thompson was a great choice to start this evening off. With his fresh sounding acoustic style, Chris’s six song set included a few sparkling gems such as ‘Susie (Out Of Range)’ and ‘Someday’ and both of these can be found over on Chris’s SoundCloud page.

Chris Thompson

Next up tonight and ready to get The Flapper grooving were the Redditch based band, Brothers Of Caedmon. Without any doubt at all, there is a strong folk rock influence in their music and the slick banjo picking fingers of Chris Slater really does give The Brothers Of Caedmon a niche of their own. Their set tonight gave us a great chance to hear many of their original tracks which also included their newly released video for ‘Run Away Train’, which you can get a peek at over on their website.

Brothers Of Caedmon

Another change in musical direction tonight was brought about for our enjoyment by the charismatic Two ‘n’ Eights, who really do stand their ground when it comes to making that indie vibe happen. You gotta love the personality of this band and their music and clearly many did, as the audience didn’t hesitate in putting down their beer and start dancing. A top set from the Two ‘n’ Eights and a band to make a point of seeing first chance you get.


Our headliners for this evening, Stubblemelt, are a band that I’ve greatly admired for quite some time now, as they have always managed to creatively combined their many influences with their own original individuality and boy, do Stubblemelt own their sound with true passion. I first came across them back in 2011 when their EP ‘The Search’ blew me away and you can check out my review from back then here.

Kyle Perry - Stubblemelt

As original and as inspiring as I’d previously thought Stubblemelt to be back then, the new album ‘Gypaetus Barbatus’ takes them one step further down the path of sheer genius. This album shows how their songwriting ability has grown full to brimming, with an abundance of striking detail that has more twists and grooves to it than the mind can anticipate, and one thing for sure – this album is born to fly!

David Ashford - Stubblemelt

With this being their second night of the weekend long celebration of the album’s release, Stubblemelt were on top notch form and raring to go – not even the savage heat on stage was going to hold them back.

Tom Marshall - Stubblemelt

This performance was the first time I’d seen Amy Collins at the synth and what a perfect match she is for this band as my oh my, she is one seriously talented young lady!

Amy Collins - Stubblemelt

Set list tonight included: 1. The March 2. Hold Me 3. Uberloader 4. Can’t Be True 5. Don’t Know 6. Welcome Back 7. Last Good Few 8. Follow The Fallen 9. Heaven 10. Only A Kiss 11. Riding Waves 12. Man Vs Venus 13. Tears 14. Journeyman. Encore was: 1. Evil Insane and 2. See Your Lovers.

I have to say that Stubblemelt seem stronger and sound greater than ever and ‘Gypaetus Barbatus’ is one amazing album you simply have to own. The band have created something quite special here and with my newly purchased copy of said CD clasped tightly in my little paws, I am sure I am going to be listening to this for quite some time to come!

Words and Photography by Sue Wardle.